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Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Kathleen Prasad Let Animals Lead Method, Chico, CA

What I do

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Healing Serves, Chico, CA

What to expect

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Animal Lead Healing, Chico, CA


What  I do

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Animal-Guided Healing, Chico, CA

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki offers the healing gifts of Reiki to animals and the people who love them, utilizing the Let Animals Lead® method developed by Kathleen Prasad. In this method, the practitioner holds a meditative space filled with compassion and loving kindness for the animal which supports the self-healing process. Animal Reiki is safe and gentle, and will always bring healing on some level, whether that is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Because of this, it is an ideal complement to all other forms of animal healing, whether allopathic or holistic.


Please note that Animal Reiki is not a substitute for the care of a licensed
veterinarian. I am an ally of the veterinary community and am happy to support your vet, your animal and you to bring the greatest healing potential to any situation. This includes spiritual healing when it is time for an animal’s transition.

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Healing Through Meditation, Chico, CA
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Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Healing Sessions, Chico, CA

What To Expect

Depending upon the animal and the space where the session is offered, I will either be sitting or standing in the general vicinity of your animal. Using Reiki techniques, I will create a peaceful meditative space where the energy of Reiki flows freely. In the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, the animal’s preferences for engagement in the session are honored by never forcing touch and allowing the animal to move freely in and out of the Reiki space. Animals are more sensitive to energy than humans, and this method provides a gentle and effective way for them to partake of exactly what they need and want.

Typical responses to a Reiki session are relaxation, yawning, and some animals will fall asleep taking a  “Reiki nap”. As their body, mind and spirit “de-stress”, healing can happen at the deepest levels and each animal will receive exactly what they need. You may notice positive changes in appetite, energy, comfort and behavior.

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Animal Reiki Services, Chico, CA
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Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Let Animals Lead Method, Chico, CA
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Animal Reiki Healing Sessions:

One hour session with your animal alone, or with you and your animal
together. In the second option, you will receive a hands-on healing session with you seated in a chair
while your animal is allowed to move freely and share in the Reiki space. Please contact me for my
current hourly rate. I typically recommend a series of 4 sessions, spaced out based upon the need of the animal. I offer in-person healing sessions in Northern California (primarily Butte, Glenn, Tehama and Shasta counties, please inquire if you live in another county) and distant Reiki sessions anywhere in the world.

Introduction to Animal Reiki and Level 1 Certification Classes:
• The Introduction to Animal Reiki class will provide you with some of the basic principles and
meditation techniques of Kathleen Prasad's Let Animals Lead
® method for you to practice with your own animals to support their health and well-being. You’ll learn how to cultivate a mindset that is calm and tranquil, no matter what health issues your animal is facing, and to share that energy with an open heart.


• The Level 1 certification class covers the first level of traditional Japanese Reiki teachings
(Shoden), along with some of the unique principles and meditation techniques of Kathleen Prasad's Let Animals Lead
® method. At the end of this course, you will be certified as a Level 1 practitioner, which will allow you to share Animal Reiki with family, friends and as a volunteer at local shelters and sanctuaries.
Certification classes are offered in-person, and introductory classes are either in person or via the web.
Please check my Facebook and Instagram pages for information about dates, registration and fees.
Level 2 and 3 classes will be offered in the future, if you are interested in becoming a professional
practitioner and/or teacher.

For Non-Profit Shelters, Sanctuaries and Rescue Organizations:

As a volunteer with the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), I offer Animal Reiki to non-profit shelters, rescues and sanctuaries at no cost. My offerings through SARA include healing sessions for the animals, sharing simple meditative practices with staff and other volunteers, as well as short healing sessions to address caregiver fatigue and burnout.

End of Life Services

Practical, Emotional and Spiritual support as you navigate end-of-life decisions for your animal. In
addition to Reiki sessions, which are very supportive at the end of an animal’s life, I can provide
information and resources on palliative/hospice care, euthanasia, options for disposition of your
animal’s body and grief support. I can also assist in planning a funeral or memorial services, including
special rituals for children.


Contact Me

sherry@compassionatelightanimalreiki. com |  Tel: 530-570-6704

Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Chico, CA
Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Chico, CA

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Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Chico, CA
Compassionate Light Animal Reiki, Chico, CA
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